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Corporate Headquarters

24022 Calle de la Plata
Suite 525
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
T 949.707.4999
F 949.859.0617
Email info@deuelinternational.com

Hawaii Office

1088 Bishop Street
Suite 1705
Honolulu, HI 96813
T 808.537.1718
F 808.537.1448
Email rgi@hawaii.rr.com

Associate Office - Japan

Loop-x Bldg., 12th Floor
3-9-15, Kaigain, Minato-ku
Tokyo108, Japan
T 03.5440.4080
F 03.54440.4072

DIG offers a full range of real estate consulting and advisory services necessary to assist our clients in:
  Completing situation analyses of individual projects and total portfolios, including economic analysis of alternative solutions and recommended strategic plans which best optimize an owner's/lender's interest
  Preparing and/or evaluating strategic business plans for real estate companies' and/or lender's problem loans and joint venture portfolios
  Assessing the status of ongoing development of workouts, foreclosure and bankruptcy programs, and evaluating the presence or absence of a "competitive edge" within a project or program
  Establishing marketing programs to sell total real estate portfolios for lenders, individuals and corporations to financial institutions, individuals or by public financed vehicles
  Evaluating United States or foreign client's exposures to the United States federal tax systems relative to the cost of income, sales and use taxes; property taxes; depreciation; acquisition; ownership; and, corporate dissolution
  Implementing all the necessary steps and processes (including all laws, regulations and business customs) needed to complete a real estate transaction
Assist foreign clients by serving as a professional liaison to United States local financial institutions and specialists: (1) by providing local knowledge of the economic and market conditions; (2) by negotiating disputes; and (3) by working with attorneys in discovery, trial preparation and expert witness presentations
Evaluating or preparing net realizable financial analyses of total portfolios, properties and assets


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