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Corporate Headquarters

3963 Fifth Street
Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92103

T 619.233.5935
F 619.233.5526

T 949.300.1922
F 949.288.6261

Email: TDeuel@DeuelInternational.com

United States Real Estate Professionals, in local markets, with an International Presence to provide cost effective solutions for today's complex real estate problems and investments.

With associate offices and team members located in California, Hawaii and Japan, Deuel International Group, Inc. ("DIG") has the advantage over other real estate companies. The team at DIG provides clients with expertise in the local markets, yet still meets their international needs.

The vast market coverage and knowledge allows us to seize opportunities and create a more manageable transaction process. The global presence also allows us to better advise our clients in all their real estate decisions.

We have provided our services to financial institutional clients, pension fund advisors, governmental agencies, private developers and individual/partnership investors.

Whatever your real estate needs are we have the right team and resources to get the job done for you.

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