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Corporate Headquarters

3963 Fifth Street
Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92103

T 619.233.5935
F 619.233.5526

T 949.300.1922
F 949.288.6261

Email: TDeuel@DeuelInternational.com

Website Contact

Sean Fierst
Deuel International Group, Inc.
Director, Communications



The professional staff at DIG together have over 100 years of real estate experience.

Theodore N. Deuel
President, The Deuel Group, Inc.
President, Realty Group International, LLC
Principal Broker, The Deuel Group, Inc.
Principal Broker, Deuel International Group, Inc

Tania N. Deuel
Vice President, Deuel International Group, Inc.
Leasing & Sales, Deuel International Group, Inc

Sheri Rivas
Office Manager, Deuel International Group, Inc.

Karen A. Cunningham
Principal Broker, Realty Group International, LLC

Our specialized team members are empowered performers who are supported with continuing education opportunities and technical support from management.

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