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Corporate Headquarters

3963 Fifth Street
Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92103

T 619.233.5935
F 619.233.5526

T 949.300.1922
F 949.288.6261

Email: TDeuel@DeuelInternational.com



DIG specializes in real estate projects which have very complex legal, technical and financial problems. DIG offers a full spectrum of real estate advisory and work-out services, including: real estate consulting, project development and construction management, property and asset management, commercial brokerage services and loan administration.

DIG has extensive experience in dealing with existing and new project development, joint ventures, property and debt restructuring, bank foreclosures, bankruptcies, and receiverships.

DIG approaches each assignment from a perspective of either optimizing the benefits, or mitigating loss to DIG's clients. All assignments are handled in a very confidential manner via non-disclosure agreements with no information being made available to any unauthorized third party.

DIG is very sensitive of it's client's desire for confidentiality.

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