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Corporate Headquarters

3963 Fifth Street
Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92103

T 619.233.5935
F 619.233.5526

T 949.300.1922
F 949.288.6261

Email: TDeuel@DeuelInternational.com



Deuel International Group, Inc., a privately held California Corporation (“DIG”) provides real estate advisory and work-out services to corporations, banks, S&L’s, insurance companies, pension funds, institutional lenders, federal and state governmental agencies, real estate investment trusts (“REIT’s”) throughout the United States and Japan.

DIG has a national presence throughout the United States and an international presence by company affiliation with Recruit Cosmos Co., Ltd. of Japan. The advantage that DIG has over other real estate companies is that we can give our clients expertise in the local markets, yet still meet their international needs as well. DIG is small enough that our clients have instant access to any of our staff in Japan or in the United States. DIG’s knowledge of the real estate market extends to all regions of the United States and Japan.

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